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Welcome to Thracian Forest! Let us take you on a journey through the ages and show you the natural way to beauty used by the ancients. Thanks to our rediscovery of the methods and means used in the past to protect one’s youth and keep the soul fresh and nourished and the combination of that knowledge with modern day cosmetic science, we can present to you new and exciting products of true exotic origin, which contain essential ingredients from the sprawling rose fields to the depths of the Pomorian lake, and bring them right to your doorstep.


Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian rose oil is one of the most sought after products on the cosmetic market around the world. The history of the rose in the region dates centuries back, even influencing the people that cultivated it. The rose was a symbol of the Thracians, even having its own holiday and ceremony to commerate its blossoming. These traditions still continue in many Bulgarian villages today.


Bulgarian Yogurt

For thousands of years people use dairy as an excellent tool for maintaining elasticity, health, beauty and youthful skin. In the past, the privilege to enjoy this natural wealth had queens, princesses and ladies high set in the ancient world. We’ve all heard how the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra maintained her beauty by immersion in a bath of milk.


Bulgarian Honey

Bulgaria is a small country, gathered in a handful of places, but it has so much magic, history, traditons, and natural treasures that no imaginaton can hold. The biodiversity is extremely rich because it has almost all European habitat types as well as a significant number of unique ecosystems. Over one third of the country’s territory is mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, pure nature, far away from industrial areas and all sources of polluton.

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