For thousands of years people use dairy as an excellent tool for maintaining elasticity, health, beauty and youthful skin. In the past, the privilege to enjoy this natural wealth had queens, princesses and ladies high set in the ancient world. We’ve all heard how the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra maintained her beauty by immersion in a bath of milk.

The history of Bulgarian yoghurt dates back to the Thracians about 4000 BC (6000 years ago). The residents of ancient Thrace noticed that fermented milk keeps longer than fresh. By adding fermented milk boiled milk when they received the product known as yogurt. This product is unique in the world because it contains bacteria – Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus and trace elements that no other milk around the world contains. Scientific evidence from the past 100 years confirmed that its uniqueness compared to other yogurts in the world, placing it in a separate, unique category-Bulgarian yogurt.

Effectiveness of Bulgarian yoghurt is due to its composition – calcium, zinc, vitamins. Furthermore, it is known to have antibacterial activity, so as to apply a cleaning and nourishing medicine for skin, cure acne and skin irritations. Yogurt moisturizes skin and protects it from drying out and becoming rough. Therefore, yogurt is used to dealing with rough skin on feet.

As a result of therapy with yogurt, it becomes more supple and soft to the touch but it looks fresh as milk product slows aging and conceal wrinkles. Yogurt is good for the hair. Use it prophylactic against dandruff, or instead of balm softer hair. Moreover masks with yogurt deal with the tangled ends and damaged hair. A milk sugar contained in milk has an excellent exfoliating effect.